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Kynar 500® Coatings Applicator

Approval applicator of Kynar 500® coatings manufactured by:

 Akzo Nobel:Trinar® and Tri-Escent II™
 PPG Industries, Inc.:Duranar® and Coraflon™
 Sherwin Williams:Sheranar®
 Valspar:Fluropon™, Classic II® and Flurodize™

High Performance Systems, Inc., process parameters meet and exceed the requirements of A.A.M.A-2605-02, 2604-02 and 2603-02

Our process techniques coupled with the equipment we employ, ensures our customer a quality product at the best possible price.

Our facility is capable of curing aluminum profiles up to 2" in thickness and has the capacity to coat fabricated assemblies 48" wide, 96" tall and 420" in length.

Metallic's: Some may avoid them, but High Performance systems, Inc. enjoys them. Metalescent and pearlescent coatings add a level of beauty and elegance that solid colors cannot match. Twenty nine years of experience with these resin systems has led to the development of application techniques that provide a level of consistency unsurpassed to our industry.

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