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Architectural Coatings Applicator

Approval applicator of Kynar 500® coatings manufactured by:

 Akzo Nobel:Trinar® and Tri-Escent II™
 PPG Industries, Inc.:Duranar® and Coraflon™
 Sherwin Williams:Sheranar®
 Valspar:Fluropon™, Classic II® and Flurodize™

High Performance Systems, Inc., process parameters meet and exceed the requirements of A.A.M.A-2605-02.

Our process techniques coupled with the equipment we employ, ensures our customer a quality product at the best possible price.

Metallic's: Some may avoid them, but High Performance systems, Inc. enjoys them. Metalescent and pearlescent coatings add a level of beauty and elegance that solid colors cannot match. Twenty nine years of experience with these resin systems has led to the development of application techniques that provide a level of consistency unsurpassed to our industry.

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